Spiritual healing, some words about practice and understanding 


It is indeed a very big thought, that is why it is so difficult for many people to understand or accept – that there is a medicine that can cure or at least influence or improve any disease.

Spiritual Healing is an incredible power, can be felt – oh yes, but it is hard to believe when you do not see. Only few people can see it (they say it is like some kind of a waterfall).

There are in fact many of us who are born to be an antenna to transmit or transfer this medicine and give it away to others.

Yes we are aware – I hope all of us – that this power does not come from us. It is floating through us, coming from the source – the power above that we call God – the home of love and peace, healing, happiness and abundance. It is available to all that choose to receive it.

Those who reject it shall not have it. God will respect the personal choice.

Even if I was born a healer, the power was hidden in the shadow (behind the planets Saturn and Pluto) until I was more than 50 years of age. I was not a strong believer, did not go to church much. I did not reject God. I was just not very interested.

Then came this day in 2001 with a shocking event: during meditation while I visited a healer for some pain problems: my mouth began to speak by itself.


I was awake but at the same time I was dreaming. I saw things and I felt things happening to me:


“I have chosen you for a job.” The words came out of my mouth. I was not a doubter anymore, and suddenly far more than a believer. I know about God. I have met him. There is a difference.

I think all the healers take their power from the same source, but there are differences among us, as if there are varieties of the power, differences in the frequency.

For my part I know exactly the nature of my healing energy.

God came back to me in 2003 to give me detailed information and instructions about it. This time I tape-recorded it.


“You will be an instrument for my Great Peace. It will float through you unreduced, undiminished and with its full power. You will not be God, but you will be one with God. Therefore your name shall be Peace, Great Peace. You must never try to hide or disguise this name. People will come to you in mysterious ways, like in a shadow, like in a thought, like in a dream at night.”


Yes, the energy follows my thoughts.


That is why healing by distance is so natural. In the spiritual world there is no distance. This proves to me that we are all connected – like one being. We are together as one. God is the power that unites us, creates us and preserves us. I think we have problems when we are disconnected from God. Spiritual Healing brings us back to God and we are in a way recreated or restored.

Another way to look at this is that healing energy is a transfer of information to the individual body, how to heal itself.

An astrologist wrote to me and told me that I was born with this power, and that the planets Jupiter and Venus created it, and that it was “A tremendous power of a strange kind.”

What happens to people who are exposed to this energy?

My experience is that the first three sessions are the most important. A session may last for 20 – 40 minutes, and there should be 1 – 2 weeks between each.

It is during these 3 sessions that the great breakthrough often comes. The worse the illness, the greater the healing. Your world can be put upside down in the course of minutes or seconds. A total transformation may take place.


After 3 sessions 8 out of 10 clients are pleased. They are at peace again.

Some people prefer to strengthen their health by further therapies, for example once in a month for 3 – 6 months, or even a year. Then they can benefit of the long time effect of this, which is the following, by my experience:

After the worst problems have been taken care of by the first 3 sessions, there comes a 2nd phase:

They all report the same: More energy, it is easier to get up in the morning, work seems less tiring and so on.

The 3rd step, after 3 – 6 months, has been reported like this: I like myself. I get self-esteem, self-confidence. It is good to be me. I feel protected and grounded and taken care of. What used to be a big problem, now it seems to be a bagatelle. In one word: PEACE INSIDE.

And this 3rd phase was the best of the three steps.

There is a difference between contact healing and distance healing.

In fact I prefer healing when the client and I are in the same room.

I deal with energies. To me any disease or problem can be found in the body as energy. This heavy energy is a kind of darkness, which starts to escape as soon as the light (the healing energy) comes down. Then I feel like a cold wind blowing into my hand.

When the wind has stopped, I know for sure that healing has taken place. The fear or the headache is gone for good. A cleaning has taken place.


Healing by distance is a little different. People I have never seen before mail me or call me.


It makes things easier if I have a picture to focus on, but even better is the telephone – contact when we start. We just talk for 5 – 15 minutes or longer until the client can feel it:


“Oh, my God, I can feel the energy!”

Then we hung on and I continue for 20 – 40 minutes while the client is resting and just receiving the energy.

I have a feeling to stand beside the client, to be in their room. I often see the shape of the body and the colour of the hair. I get the information I need in colours or symbols. Sometimes I can even look inside the body as if I had a kind of x – ray. I can see what is wrong, and I can ask the energy (God) to repair it.

The prayer is important.

God likes to know our intentions and decisions. Our own strong wishes and believes are very important. What I do is to make an opening in the wall between heaven and earth. I establish a direct line to God. I ask the client to use this line to speak to God and tell him what they wish. In this opening the traffic can be in both directions.

My experience is that my healing energy may have a strong and immediate effect on all kinds of mental problems, or disturbances, and also all kinds of pains like: migraine, pains between shoulders, neck pains, sleeping disturbances, fears, panic attacks, high blood pressure, incurable infections, spontaneous abortions, depression, lack of energy. The list is much longer.

Normally the problems do not come back. Healing eliminates the cause of the problem.

Lately I found out the name of the new time we are entering these days:

The Age of Aquarius.

This time has also another name:

The Age of Peace

And last but not least: you do not need to believe in God to receive healing. It is enough that God believes in you, and he does.