Name: John Kåre Pedersen
Comapany: Great Peace Healing
Address: Revefaret 55
Postnumber: 1914

Mobil +47 934 67 408


Methods of therapy
- Balancing of energy
- Distant healing
- Spiritual Healing (healing by spiritual power)

Long, broad experience using above mentioned methods of treatment by:
Imbalances, different kind of pains, depression, fear, unrest, burning out syndrome, sleeping problems, bi-polar disease, headache/migraine, high blood pressure, cleaning of spirits, cleaning of house and space, clairvoyance.

Education and qualifications
Healing powers from birth
Different courses in alternative/spiritual subjects

Education in German language and political science 1972, UIO, Oslo University. Teachers Academy, 1974. Education in Special Pedagogics, 1990
DNH - Det Norske Healerforbund,
Certified healer by The Norwegian Healer Federation, 2011

Other information
Working in Norway, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia
- Most people are surprised of what happens during the first session. The fact that people come back and recommend me to others, is in itself a sign that they have experienced something valuable. In fact, the result gets stronger if you come back for a second session, specially before 2 weeks. The strongest effect you get if you take the second session before one week. By following up, the result gets better.
You misunderstand if you think that you can come to me so that I can «fix you». So, when I have «fixed you», you can go on with your life in the same way as earlier.
Healing is help for self-help, a help to change your life.
Without your own active participation nothing will happen. I think the healing power is the power that created you in the first place. It is back to recreate you where things went wrong, to give new life, new perspective, new hope.